Pain therapy of the musculoskeletal system

Pain therapy
Pain therapy
Pain therapy

Significantly increased muscle tension (tone) sets joints under compression and leads to degenerative joint disease. The tight, too short, tight muscles are CAUSE and not the result of joint or spine wear. The muscle pain is a WARNING to protect our musculoskeletal system.

The pain is in most cases, a muscle pain, and as a positive warning meant to protect our musculoskeletal system and to curb harmful behaviour. If only the joint is injected or pain medication comes into operation, the pain factors are treated and not the cause.

The pain of the musculoskeletal system includes various forms of treatment:

  • Pain point pressure to the muscular or muscle attachments (trigger points)
  • Specific stretching exercises, which contain strengthening and coordinative elements
  • detoxification and purification of harmful substances diversion and support of the metabolism

Point of pain therapy

The point of pain therapy is optimally suited as an acute therapy for pain relief on the muscular system. The treatment involves locating the points of pain. These are to be found in the so-called Golgi-sinew apparatus which are located at the borders between muscles and sinews. There intention is to protect the sinews against excessive strain.

If the muscle strain becomes too large, the Golgi-sinew apparatus send an appropriate signal via the central nervous system: "Attention, danger". The point of pain therapy involves the application of pressure to these points to generate a signal causing the muscle to relax. As soon as the muscle starts to relax, the pain is reduced.

According to a precisely defined pattern, the strained state of chosen muscles or their parts is changed. The therapist succeeds in bringing the muscular system into an improved physiological state with this manipulation, which uses the body's own regulatory mechanisms.

Furthermore the pain treatment can be supported with the medical therapy device ProntoGuard®.

The therapy principle of the ProntoGuard® is based on the treatment of pain points („to active points“) by means of mechanical pressure in combination with a therapeutically effective frequency.

An active point is more pressure-sensitive to pressure painful point.

In the periphery about the skin with the ProntoGuard stimulated point brings on pain inhibiting processes which restrain the pain absorption and/or the pain conduction.

The most important indications are:

  • HWS syndrome
  • Shoulder arm syndrome
  • LWS syndrome
  • Gonarthrose
  • Heel calcar

The DETOX footbath

It is a method which can help the body to eliminate toxins fast, radically and effectively. The main focus, with this type of purification and decontamination, lies in the neutralisation of acids and pollutants. The method of conduction is immediately effective and very intensive.

30 min. for purification / decontamination

The procedure is safe, pleasant and promotes a feeling of relaxation and ease. The procedure is supplemented with the drinking of water.

Cleaning of the body = basis of health

The feet are also called the auxiliary kidneys of the body, so that an conduction is intensive at this end of the body, as well as the extraction of pollutants from the strained liver and kidney.

The concurrent strengthening of the organs (lymphatic system, spleen, liver, kidneys) supports the expulsion of these toxins through special pores in the soles.

As a result of this reaction and the activation of the natural self-healing forces, the following can be caused:

  • Strengthening of organ activity
  • Regularisation of the metabolism
  • Improvement of the mood situation
  • Reinforced relaxation
  • Sleeping support
  • Improvement of the efficiency
  • General base for recovery and regeneration

For legal reasons, we are required to point out the fact that this procedure is not yet medicinally recognised.

Callao in Motion... Experience a new quality of life!

Callao in Motion is a special form of kinematics, which prevents pain, joint wear and damaged discs.

After accidents, operations, or successful therapeutic pain treatments, our kinematics regenerates the motion apparatus as quickly as possible. Complete mobility, functional strength as well as the best possible regulation and body control are almost automatic results of regular trainings.

Pains and joint impairments are widespread. Even if probable causes are diagnosed such as inflammation, wear and calcification or similar, pain mostly comes from the muscular dysfunction.

Our motion training brings together old Chinese remedial knowledge and the most modern scientific knowledge of the western world.

Callao in Motion prevents and relieves:

  • Headaches / migraine
  • Complaints of the whole motion apparatus
  • Tennis elbow
  • Backs, shoulder, neck pain
  • Hip pain and knee joint pain

Kinesio-Taping – magic ?

The Kinesio-Taping therapy is recognised in Japan, large parts of Asia and America and finds use as a comprehensive therapy form with an unusually wide therapy spectrum.

Different applications can be achieved:

  • Pain reduction
  • Improvement of the muscle function
  • Support of the joint function

Pain reduction

An irritation of the receptors occurs through the adhesion of the Kinesio tape on the skin and the mechanical movement brought about through body movement. It is resulting in pain reduction at direct spinal level.

Improvement of the muscle functions

With overloading of the muscles, ruptures can originate in the muscle connective tissue. The resulting release of fluids in the intercellular space causes a pressure increase by which pressure and pain sensors are irritated. The results are: pains, stiffness and swellings.

Support of the joint function

The joint functions can be supported with the help of different Kinesio tape arrangements. Imbalances are corrected by influence on the muscle and a balance originates in the muscle groups. A better motion feeling is reached with this stimulation.

Without restrictions remain active

The air and water-permeable tissue structure of the tape is water resistant and due to these qualities can be worn several days without any detriment in the tape's qualities.