With GOLF-IN-BALANCE, the most important single aspects of the golf swing are brought together, optimally in cooperation with your gulf professional, in a total concept. By the Golf-physio-training we would like to achieve, among other things, that training techniques learned can be better and easily put into practice.

Our aim is to generate a tailor-made training programs for you to bring your swing with your body in harmony and to avoid and prevent injury.

With existing complaints on the muscular system apparent pains be relieved, when possible removed and muscular dysfunction compensated.

Non-suitable equipment is often the cause of physical aches and pains. Too short or too long clubs, too soft or too stiff shafts, too thin or too thick grips etc. influence the quality of your golf as well as the strain on your muscles and skeleton.

The Golf-physio-training consists of:

  • Teaching programme to the activate the golf muscles before the round for the increasing the quality of play and injury prevention
  • Adaptation of the golf swing with regard to joint and back problems, e.g. after an operation.
  • Strengthening of "golf muscles", e.g. by 3-D power exercises
  • Pain reduction and mobility support through golf with Kinesio-Taping
  • Practice instructions for independent training