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Cranio Sacral therapy - Pain therapy of the musculoskeletal system
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Seminars and Courses

The following courses/seminars are planned and in preparation:

CALLAO Pain-free week

  • In cooperation with selected hotels, you can bring your body back into balance when on vacation. In small groups, we want to tackle within a week the aching vulnerability of your targeted bodily pain. With regular therapy units and special exercises within this week, the foundation should be laid, so that you have permanent relief from your pain.

CALLAO-IN-MOTION - The road to a pain-free life ...

  • There is a special form of kinematics, which can preventively relieve pain, degenerative joint and disc disease.

Callo Golf Physio training/training camp with your Pro

  • In small groups, you can strengthen the golf-specific muscles and counteract the muscle imbalances. The improvement of balance and coordination will help you stable your golf swing.
  • Specific Warm-up exercises before the round, should protect you against injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

CALLAO-BALANCE nutrition seminars

  • Our motto: Who wants to lose weight must eat!
    In cooperation with our German, state-recognized nutritionist Nicole Schaich, we hold one week nutrition seminars

    They consist of nutritional advice with theory and body composition by BIA measurements to determine body fat levels, muscle mass and extracellular water levels. In addition to the diet, an exercise program is included. The detoxification and slimming your body by means of electrolysis footbaths has a positive effect upon your metabolism. With this complete package, you can reach your personal wellness weight permanently.

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