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Cranio Sacral therapy - Pain therapy of the musculoskeletal system
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Osteopathy – your body in good hands

Osteopathy – domains and use  Osteopathy limitations

The Osteopath neither works with drugs nor instruments but only with his experienced and tender hands. He feels trends, motion and tensions in the body. He loosens blockages in all systems of the body and mobilises the body's own forces.

The treatment begins with a detailed examination and analysis of the patient's history. In the second step, the Osteopath explores with his hands tissue with changed mobility or tension. The Osteopath can feel the exact motion limitations of the body and is able to interpret them.

The human organism forms an entity: All tissues in the body are in flux and ideally work together in unison. Osteopathy is based upon the exact knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and biomechanics.

Limited motion - limited function

The function of individual body structures are influenced when their motion is limited. Comparing the human body with a river, twigs, branches and leaves are always falling into it, which is a natural process. However, an obstruction in the river traps these resulting in a blockage. A similar process occurs in the human body. The natural flow is hindered by the limited mobility of joints, organs and other structures. The tissue's blood supply is reduced and the local metabolism affected. The dysfunctions can move to other regions of the body and may influence these areas.

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