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Cranio Sacral therapy - Pain therapy of the musculoskeletal system
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Pain therapy of the musculoskeletal system

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Significantly increased muscle tension (tone) sets joints under compression and leads to degenerative joint disease. The tight, too short, tight muscles are CAUSE and not the result of joint or spine wear. The muscle pain is a WARNING to protect our musculoskeletal system.

The pain is in most cases, a muscle pain, and as a positive warning meant to protect our musculoskeletal system and to curb harmful behaviour. If only the joint is injected or pain medication comes into operation, the pain factors are treated and not the cause.

The pain of the musculoskeletal system includes various forms of treatment:
  • Pain point pressure to the muscular or muscle attachments (trigger points)
  • Specific stretching exercises, which contain strengthening and coordinative elements
  • detoxification and purification of harmful substances diversion and support of the metabolism
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