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Cranio Sacral therapy - Pain therapy of the musculoskeletal system
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More and more people are discovering the wisdom of the millennia-old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they hope for the success of this long-established Oriental medicine, the valued traditions complemented with modern research from the universities.

The Chinese medicine sees the human being as a whole with body, mind and spirit, and attempts not only to cure diseases but the whole person. Not only are the symptoms of an illness treated but also the causes.

The original ideas of TCM were based on the teachings of the opposing forces of nature Yin (the resting energy) and Yang (the active force). When the Yin and Yang forces are balanced, the person is healthy. In the harmonious interplay of these two polar forces of human life energy, "Qi" is generated and maintained in balance. Is the balance of Yin and Yang disrupted and, therefore, blocking the flow of Qi in the body, can as a consequence of this an illness occur.

All internal organs are subordinate to the system of Yin and Yang. Just as according to the Chinese view of nature, the five elements of wood, fire, water, earth and metal as basic elements of life in versatile connection and dependence upon one another, the organs of the human body are mutually understood.

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