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Cranio Sacral therapy - Pain therapy of the musculoskeletal system
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Osteopathy – domains and use

Osteopathy – domains and use  Osteopathy limitations

Parietal osteopathy

This domain deals with muscles, fasciae (fibrous tissue), bones and joints together with disorders of the motion apparatus

Areas of application: e.g. pains in the whole motion apparatus, movement limitations of the spine, posture, joint pains, treatment after fractures, operations or consequences of an accident.

Visceral osteopathy

This domain deals with the internal organs, i.e. digestive tract, respiratory system etc., the blood vessels and lymphatic system and parts of the nervous system. Moreover the mobility of the organs among one another and the surrounding or supporting muscular tissue and connective tissue and is treated.

Areas of application: e.g. with chronic digestion discomfort, stomach problems, liver problems or bile problems, chronic cystitis, kidney illnesses, chronic fatigue and with the aftercare following an operation.

Cranial therapy

This therapy deals with abnormal levels of cerebrospinal fluid.

Areas of application: e.g. with acute and chronic pain, whiplash injury, migraine, stress symptoms, dizzy spells, hormone disorders, tinnitus

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